Case Study: LeasePlan

LeasePlan is a financial services company that provides vehicle management services to large corporations in the Fortune 1000. Ozyp was brought on to develop a strategy to compete with one of the most dynamic and successful companies on the planet, General Electric, (GE).

It should come as no surprise that the vehicle management division of GE held the number one spot in the US marketplace. LeasePlan was ranked number 8 out of 10 with small, but growing revenues and a dynamic employee base. LeasePlan was a small competitor flying under the radar. Ozyp surveyed the LeasePlan customer base and found they wanted reliable expertise and increased efficiencies from their vehicle management company.

Ozyp worked closely with all areas of upper management to focus LeasePlan’s message on giving the customers what they wanted. LeasePlan only hired experienced people at every level of the company, while at the same time the company was fully embracing the technology revolution. LeasePlan created ePlan, a strategic partnership with IBM’s e-business program, and pioneered the paperless office for the vehicle management industry.

Ozyp created brand strategies to communicate LeasePlan’s advantages. We used trade advertising campaign, public relations, website content and trade show materials. After eight years of steady growth LeasePlan ranked number one in the US vehicle management industry. They beat GE to the top position. LeasePlan had grown from 40 employees to 340 employees. The portfolio of vehicles nearly tripled from 54,000 to 129,000 vehicles. And most importantly, the compounded annual growth for Lease Plan was a US industry leading 18.4% per year.

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